Wild Self-Love: A Journey from Starvation to Soul

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wolf womanWhat happens when you cultivate more self-love and connect with your Wild Soul?

  • You attract better, healthier, happier, and more whole relationships, both romantically and otherwise (i.e. you have amazing friends!!)
  • You manifest abundance in your life, whether it’s literal financial abundance, more satisfying life experiences, or more time to do the things you love – all wonderful, valid forms of wealth
  • You have the ability to create the life you crave, and the power to decide how you want to feel EVERY DAY
  • Your creativity EXPLODES and you become capable of designing your life and anything within it
  • Your body feels free, limitless, and light
  • You know how to make yourself JOYFUL, happy, and fulfilled without looking outside of yourself in order to feel a certain way
  • You feel free from past traumas, addictions, and stuck, recurring patterns that aren’t serving YOU

As a result of traumatic events, emotional upheaval, and painful experiences in our lives, pieces of our soul can break off and be left behind, leaving emotional scars and cutting us off from our own power.  We innately know how to heal these deep wounds, but often our inner wisdom gets blocked by old patterns, stories, and behaviors of our past.  Our task is to retrieve those pieces of ourselves, to rediscover our wholeness so that we can be SEEN and bring our gifts into the world.  Usually it takes a catalyst, a spark, to ignite and awaken that inner wisdom and healing potential.


If you’re ready to fall WILDLY in love with yourself, reconnect with your SOUL and her purpose, I can’t wait to support you on this journey!  This is for anyone who’s ready to move out of a “lack” mentality, out of soul starvation, and into a life of freedom, abundance, joy, and PLAY that comes when you untame your Wild Soul!

If you’re intrigued and want to take advantage of an opportunity to have a complimentary conversation with me, click here to fill out + schedule a time together!  Remember, your wise soul contains all the answers within, this work provides the space and support to tap into your inner guides and learn to listen.

What you’ll receive in this program…

  • 3 months of consistent support + accountability
  • 12 1-hour one-on-one coaching sessions, once a week for those 3 months
  • Email support for anything that may come up for you between sessions
  • A personalized yoga sequence created to address specific physical or emotional blocks
  • Snail mail surprises! (herbal teas, favorite books, love letters, and tips to support your wild and sensitive soul)
  • An herbal medicine consultation, along with a follow-up to adjust as we need
    • Some energetic, emotional, and physical symptoms can be treated in part with herbal remedies, specifically things like anxiety, cravings, digestive and sleep issues

Ready to transform your life from starvation to SOUL?  This program is VIRTUAL… aka available to everyone!  Click to schedule your free session… I can’t wait to meet you!


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