Wild Mystic Mentorship

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Are you looking for new approaches to ancient tools for healing?   Ones that are naturally part of our souls’ make-up, but we’ve just forgotten how to tap into them?

Are you drawn to the magical, the energetic, esoteric, and soulful ways of healing your body and connecting to your Wild Soul?

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Often, the call to Soul Growth comes in the form of illness, trauma, addiction, or a general sense that you need MORE from life.  Unfortunately, many of us who feel this call don’t have the necessary tools, support, and TRIBE in order to do this work.  We need an apprenticeship, a circle of witches, mystics, medicine women, sister visionaries to journey with so that we aren’t alone, wondering what next step to take and where to turn.

If all of this sounds like YOU, it is time to embark on your Wild, Mystical mentorship!

In this 6-month school of mystery you will:

  • Learn how to listen to and trust your intuition, inner guides, and deep inner wisdom.
  • Gain practical wisdom to attuning your body and spirit to the rhythms of the natural world, our moon phases and seasons.
  • Awaken your inner Wild Medicine Woman
  • Receive tools to heal addictions, trauma, old patterns and behaviors that at one point served a purpose, and you are now ready to release.
  • Learn about the way we hold emotions in our body in the form of chronic inflammation, pain, injury, and illness and how to release it.
  • Have support around confronting the shadow side of your archetypal make-up.
  • Heal energetic and archaic wounds.
  • Learn how to apply wisdom from plant and animal energies to your work, life, money, and relationships.
  • Receive guidance in how to SHARE your visionary gifts with your community, your tribe.

Most importantly, you’ll learn to receive the GIFTS from these journeys, wounds, shadows, traumas, and illnesses.

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What does your mystical education include?

  • A new LIVE class each week (calls will be recorded for those who can’t make it live) with online presentations, group coaching,  and FUN tutorials
  • 6 months of deep, playful + intensive training and guidance through your soul growth and expansion
  • Discounted private sessions with Katie (that’s me)!
  • Access to our secret Facebook group of Wild Mystics
  • LOTS of amazing + transformational resources and articles to guide and support your journey of the Wild Soul
  • Snail Mail surprises from me (This might be my favorite part…I love sending and receiving mail.  It’s like little gifts from my heart to yours!)
This program is pay-what-you-can, with a suggested range of $47-$297, so each month you will be able to decide what is the appropriate amount to invest in your Medicine Woman education. Click here to make your first payment…

Classes begin April 18, just after the next Full Moon.  I’m keeping this group SMALL + intimate so that everyone has a chance to participate, to be seen and heard as fully as they desire! If you have any questions please email me: katie@wildgrace.me…

I can’t wait to meet you all and your Wild Woman Souls!

12 thoughts on “Wild Mystic Mentorship

  1. Wow, a tribe of witches, mystics, medicine women, sister visionaries! That is awesome! This is a magical program and I love that you offer it on a sliding scale. That is a good idea, allowing for all women to show up for much needed support!

  2. What a wonderful program!

    When I became a coach, besides the amazing journey of coaching school, I did a two year women’s mystery school and it totally changed the way I moved in the world.

    Your people are so lucky you’re offering them the opportunity to dive into this work!

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