Express Your Wild Soul

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vintage typewriterArtists, Healers, Visionary Entrepreneurs – are you just starting a business and have NO CLUE how to write copy that will be attractive to potential clients?  Or maybe you already have a business and aren’t making the money you’re worth because your message, your brand, and your copy need a little love!

Do you have a new AMAZING program or product that you’re launching and you’re feeling stuck around how to tell your peeps about it?  What words to use?  That magic formula for getting the RIGHT people to sign up?

Do you need help expressing your Wild Soul, your passion, your business?

The benefit of having someone craft your copy, hash out ideas, soulstorm with you, and give you some direction in your marketing is that I can see you in all your potential, your strengths, and divinely-bestowed gifts.  My perception of you isn’t clouded by old stories, behaviors, or patterns.  I already see you as the person you were born to be, and I can help you to see it too!  When you see yourself and your gifts clearly, you’ll watch your business transform, you’ll make the money you’re worth, doing the work that TURNS YOU ON, and draw the clients that you’re EXCITED to work with!

In this program you’ll receive:

  • 3 months of consistent support and accountability with your marketing and copy writing
  • You’ll get the “Express Your Wild Soul Discovery Book” – Playsheets (as opposed to worksheets, because this is fun!) to help you clarify and articulate your ideal client, your brand, and your gifts (i.e. what you’re bringing to the world with your business as the container).
  • 90 minute Express Your Wild Soul Discovery Session – We’ll go over the Discovery Book , talk about your vision and what makes you YOU!  We’ll devise a plan to address your most pressing needs and desires over the next three months.  Then we’ll develop your marketing plan and how to use our time together to create a business and life you LOVE waking up to every morning!
  • Five 1-Hour Wild Soul Mentoring calls – Every other week we’ll meet via phone or Skype (my favorite) to soulstorm around your marketing and copy, chat about your ideas, visions, and desires for your life/biz, and send you on your way!

BONUS:  15 hours of me, weaving words +  working directly on your copy

Not sure if this program is for you?  Let’s take a few minutes to get to know each other.  I’d love to hear more about you, about your dreams, your desires, and your business!

I collaborate with those who want to TRANSFORM themselves and their businesses!  With those who need a touch of magic in their lives, and to connect with their inner selves in order to create the lives they DESIRE + put themselves in front of the audience that needs their unique gifts!

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