Intend to shine

Watch this video (it’s short) and then read on…

“I can do anything good!”

What would happen if we all said this to ourselves every day?  Awhile back, after much deep soul work and transformation, I realized I can actually do anything.  I can make stuff happen.  Manifestation, the ability to do anything “good” when we align heart, mind, and action.  That realization is POWERFUL!

We all have the power to create the life we want.  Usually that power is just hidden beneath layers of old beliefs, old patterns and stories that we hold on to because at one point in our life they served us.  But they don’t anymore, so it’s time to say “Thanks, Fear.  I know at one point you kept me safe and I appreciate it SO much.  I don’t need you anymore.”

This little girl, Jessica,

The thing about fear is that it allows us to play small.  It’s safe.  We don’t have to risk exposure, criticism, judgment, or getting knocked down.  And sometimes we need to get knocked down.  I know it doesn’t sound fun, but stick with me for a minute here.


We all make mistakes.  In the words of Ron Burgundy, “I immediately regret this decision.”  Or as one of my lovely friends says, “Ya done fucked up.”

It irks me a little bit to hear new-agey people say, “there’s no such thing as a mistake.  It’s all a lesson.”  Yes it’s all a lesson.  We learn A LOT from messing up.  But mistakes do exist.  Failure exists.  But it’s not the end of the story.

If you’re doing big things in the world, if you’re in a state of personal growth and development (which, if we’re doing our work, then we are), your ego is gonna get checked.  You’ll have moments of arrogance, idiocy, thoughtlessness.  You’ll fall short of your own and someone else’s expectations.  Sometimes you’ll get criticism without necessarily “earning” it, but simply by speaking your truth.  But that’s another matter for another post.

Today, we’ll just acknowledge that mistakes happen.  So let’s feel empowered around our “epic fails” rather than shaming ourselves because of them.

Action Time: Think of a time you really screwed up.  Your “favorite” failure, and by favorite I mean the biggest bungle you’ve made.  What did you learn?  Get SUPER honest with yourself.  Don’t get sarcastic, mean, judgy, or defensive.  That doesn’t serve anyone and it puts up all kinds of walls that we’re working to tear down.  What did this snafu open your eyes to that you didn’t see/know/understand before?  How did this mistake make you stronger than before?

You can then take it one step further.  Is there a pattern in the lessons you’ve learned?  Perhaps it’s taken a few lapses in judgment to learn a particular lesson (I’ve totally been there).  As humans we seem to have a propensity toward making the same mistakes over and over.  And over.  We’ll get it eventually.

And that, my friend, is empowering.  That is Self-Love.  Own it.  Love it.  And then let it go.  Because as Danielle Laporte says, “You can’t face forward until you’ve processed your past.”  And because you can do anything good.  Intend to shine.


14 thoughts on “Intend to shine

  1. Thank you for the reminder about “fear allowing us to play small”. The pattern in my mistakes seems to be that the biggest mistakes happen when I am not being present with myself. Interesting…

  2. That girl Jessica is awesome! Boy is she gonna set the world on fire. Such a great attitude. I need to watch that video every day. And practice it myself. I don’t know if I can do “anything”…I mean, climbing Mt Everest is kinda out of the question, but I do believe we are powerful enough to manifest the things we really desire into our lives if we focus and have clarity. The discipline is maintaining the focus, to keep your eye on the prize and not get distracted. That’s the work but it’s good work to do!

  3. Ahhhhh yes!! This is my favorite thing. What they don’t tell you about the path to success? You mess up A LOT!! and sister as a fellow teacher of self love, self love is loving ALL that happens. Loving my mistakes, loving my failures, loving my doubt, loving my FEAR even which is my teacher on something I am about to do. If it scares the shit out of me it must be absolutely RIGHT! It takes great courage to step into our light and it is the most important intention I have. Reminds me of Marianne Williamson, “Your playing small does not serve the world.” The light in me bows to the light in you!

  4. “I can do anything good!!”” This is one of my favorite video’s.

    Great post…mistakes are part of life. We all fuck up for sure, but I always look at it as an opportunity to get clearer on what does work for ME. I take ownership of my experience. Pay attention to if i’m blaming or making some one wrong for the situation (making myself wrong).

    You HAVE TO be willing to make mistakes if you want to keep growing and expanding! There is very little expansion with out it.

  5. This: “Manifestation, the ability to do anything “good” when we align heart, mind, and action. That realization is POWERFUL!” I’m realizing also that when some but not all three of those are NOT in alignment I can attract the exact opposite of what I really want. Yikes!

  6. I LOVE that video, it is one of my absolute favorites. This is such a powerful piece! Amazing! It got me all fired up reading it 🙂

    “But mistakes do exist. Failure exists. But it’s not the end of the story.” YES. I agree. We make mistakes and learn from them, mistakes are okay. Mistakes suck but they hold their own wisdom. I will definitely be doing this take action exercise in my journal later. Thank you so much for sharing!

    SO much love,

  7. Jessica’s affirmation is one of my favorite videos, and I LOVE when I have days like that. I also have days where I’m totally freaked out by my own power to create so I find “sandbags” to tie me down like getting involved in other people’s dramas, etc. Thanks for such a lovely reminder 🙂

  8. “What would happen if we all said this to ourselves every day?”

    We’d change the game completely, that’s what!

    Thanks for the revitalizing reminder to look ourselves in the face everyday as say loudly and joyously “I can do anything good!”

  9. “I can do anything good!” I feel like this has two meanings. 1) the trust in your own ability (I can do anything well) 2) the knowledge that you can do beneficial things for yourself and the world (I can do anything good).

    I have certainly played the blunder card a few times and have learned from my mistakes and done things differently – even if it took more than one attempt of trial and error. Life is all about learning and growing with every step.

  10. “I can do anything good!” I loooove this and Jessica’s video. Totally awesome and adorable! 😉 One of the big things that I get from my “mistakes” is an opportunity to LOVE myself even more instead if being judgemental and hard on myself 🙂

  11. “I can do anything good!” I LOOOVE this and Jessica’s video – so frickin cute!!! 🙂 One of the biggest things I learn from my “mistakes” is to LOVE myself even more, instead of judging and being hard on myself. 🙂

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