Happy Un-Valentine’s Day

Okay, I’m finally (sort of) giving in to the Valentine’s Day madness, though of course in my own typically rebellious fashion.  And I’m not writing this because Friday is Valentine’s Day, but for whatever reason, when I sat down to write this week, this is what came up…

Recently I’ve embarked on a new journey with a beautiful tribe called the Totemic Arts Apprenticeship in which we learn about our personal animal totems, how they correspond with the chakras, archetypes, zodiac signs, and numerology, and what this means for our own healing process, our businesses, lives, and those of our clients.  I’ve been exploring my relationships with my known animal totems (wolf and snowy owl) and how the wisdom and medicine they bring to us can empower our lives and bring clarity to obstacles we love to put in our own way.  There’s lots of fun research and intellectual headiness that the nerd in me LOVES, but throughout the program there’s lots of opportunity for play, art, creativity, collaboration, and receiving support and love from the tribe.

It all sounds great, right?

And it is!

snowy owl flying

AND THEN alllllll your shit comes up.  Stuff you haven’t dealt with, looked at, sat with, or even acknowledged because it’s dark and scary and ugly.  And who wants to feel those ugly emotions and see what kind of shadows are lurking underneath that lovely, mostly put together exterior that we put up?  Not me.

wolf - red

But the thing is, your soul doesn’t give you anything you’re not ready for.  So when things started stirring, I knew it was time.  And I’ll just tell you now, the last couple weeks have been SO UNCOMFORTABLE.  Like I wanted to crawl out of my skin.  Old, small, invisible Katie would have bailed in a second.  But I’ve been preparing for this.  I’ve been feeling a major shift coming for the last year, and here it was.  And you know what it was that triggered me so badly? My inner Lover archetype.  The one I had been ignoring most of my adult life.  The one who is terrified of being unloved and unlovable.  The one who, at times, has lost her identity in order to please others.  The one who is afraid of being alone or in relationships devoid of intimacy.  Whose shadow consists of jealousy, attachment, and fear of being undesirable.  Even now as I write that I wince ever so slightly.  But there it is.  Truth laid bare.

red lady wings

So I sat.  I cried.  I fell apart completely, not knowing how the pieces would fit together again.  I was exhausted, emotionally and physically.  Totally burnt out.  Like too tired to speak.  I spent a whole day hibernating, listening to Tom Waits and Nick Cave (yeah, it got dark) and drawing, getting to know this Lover with her medicine of passion, sensuality, creativity, and desire, while acknowledging and forgiving the shadow side that has occasionally made herself known.

Now I’m beginning to come out the other side and I feel as if I reclaimed my power, self-love, sharp instincts, and a piece of my wild soul.  And the message I got from deeply listening to this part of my soul is this:

Love isn’t “nice.”  It isn’t all pink hearts and chocolate and roses.  It’s gutsy, uncomfortable, gritty, and isn’t afraid to reflect to us where we need to work on ourselves.  Love itself can feel like heartbreak.  Like struggle.  Like we’re stepping off the edge of a cliff and have no idea what’s going to catch us.


And the same can be said of Self-Love…maybe even more so.  Because that’s where it begins.  How can we truly love another if we don’t have the foundation of love for ourselves?  How can we show up for someone else if we’re constantly abandoning our own heart?  We gain the confidence and ability to love ourselves when we have the courage to softly open our hearts when we’re scared shitless, speak our truth, honor our process, and let down our walls.  And that’s what Love for another is too.

Let’s not just honor each other one day a year.  Seriously.  Happy Un-Valentine’s Day (aka every other day of the year)!


14 thoughts on “Happy Un-Valentine’s Day

  1. Powerful post!
    Loving your self is the key to everything. Being ok with your feelings, desires, vulnerability….power, brilliance and light…it’s our true work in this life.

    What I know for sure is that it’s worth doing the work. 😉

  2. Wow! Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable and speak your truth. Much of it resonated with me, specifically not feeling loved or afraid of being unlovable and being someone I’m truly not for others. I feel like I’ve been working through very similar things lately. Beautiful description of love and that it isn’t all roses, especially when it comes to self-love. I’ve learned that struggles I’ve felt though with self-love have been completely worth it and has brought me into my power. By the way, I would LOVE to learn about my totemic animal! Love and healing light!

  3. “Love isn’t ‘nice.’ It isn’t all pink hearts and chocolate and roses. It’s gutsy, uncomfortable, gritty, and isn’t afraid to reflect to us where we need to work on ourselves.”

    I think I prefer your courageous and authentic version of Love to the superficial hearts and flowers kind, even if it is a little more uncomfortable. 🙂

  4. I love this: “Your soul doesn’t give you anything you’re not ready for.” It takes courage to just be with what IS when the shit comes up and this is a beautiful reminder that I AM able to handle it, whatever it might look and feel like 🙂

  5. Wild and free sister!! Wild and free. Thank you for sharing your heart, ALL that is in there. I want it all. Life is both light and dark, happy and sad, sorrowful and joyous. All parts are equally lovable and I am only free when I own ALL of me, I’m on the journey too my love. Last year was about when I was experiencing all that you are talking about now. Gut wrenching, soul crushing, everythingIdon’twanttolookat coming to the surface and into the light. We bring the shadow into the light! Keep writing oh my love keep writing!

  6. Wow you spoke to my heart Katie. Thank for being so authentic in this post – so empowering and I believe so trust the words you share. I am going to share this post on my blog – love it. Thank you 🙂

  7. You speak such beautiful truth and openness. “your soul doesn’t give you anything you’re not ready for” that statement was so comforting. I was thinking about you today – knowing your journey is going to take you to amazing place. lots of love.

  8. Love is hard work isn’t it!?! I don’t think anyone told us that as little ones! But it seems by your journey you are finding your way through its ‘grittiness’ to see the other, so much more wonderful side that Love has to offer. Happy Un-Valentine’s Day my friend!

  9. “How can we show up for someone else if we’re constantly abandoning our own heart?”

    Thank you Katie for the reminder about how we treat others and how it can be a powerful reflection of how we treat ourselves!

  10. Yes, self-love is so important… and loving ourselves enough to go into those dark places and feel those emotions that we’d rather not… because it isn’t as scary and awful as we make it out to be. They’re just thoughts, beliefs and feelings… and when you’re on the other side the ‘dark night of the soul’ seems almost laughable (except you know it wasn’t!). Kudos to you for going there. xox.

  11. What an amazing and (yet another) powerful and vulnerable post. I always enjoy reading your words. I love that your totem animals are these beautiful, gracefully moving, intelligent creatures, that are actually in fierce power positions in the animal kingdom.

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