Autumn Equinox Tea Blend

Now that fall has FINALLY arrived here in Southern California (it actually rained twice!), I’ve been feeling the effects of cool, dry weather and feeling a little ungrounded and frazzled as so often happens in seasonal transitions.  My joints are a little creaky, my skin is dry, my mind is all over the place, and my hands and feet are ALWAYS cold.  So I’ve been experimenting a bit with herbs to soothe my skin and nervous system.

Teas are the oldest form of medicine, as well as my favorite because it allows me time to slow down, acknowledge that I’m taking action to care for myself.  For me, making my tea has become a necessary daily self-care ritual.  It’s my sacred alone time, and when I don’t get it, I can get a little cranky, like a kid who needs a nap.   Whether my tea is a strong cup of black tea with some cream and honey, a subtle green tea with hints of linden blossoms, or an herbal blend that I’m experimenting with, one cup of of tea is a true medicine, not only because of  the power held in these plants, but in the love and energy I pour into that cup along with the tea.

This blend is full of herbs to keep you grounded and warm.  It is soothing to your nervous system, tonifies and aids fluid movement in your body, and gently strengthens immune and respiratory function.

All of these herbs can either be found in your kitchen or in the bulk herb section of your health food/herb shop.  I try to either grow or wildcraft my own herbs, but for the ones I can’t, I order from Mountain Rose Herbs.  They’re an awesome resource for wildcrafted and organic herbs in bulk!

Blend the following herbs:

1 part Rooibos or Twig Tea (of course you can sub black or green tea for a caffeine kick)
1 part Nettles
1 part Chamomile
1/2 part Cinnamon
1/2 part Ginger
1/2 part Licorice
1/4 part Sage
1/4 part Orange Peel

To dress it up a bit, try adding dried bits of apple, cranberry, raspberry, or any other fruit.

The great thing about tea is that you can make the blends your own, so feel free to add, leave out, or substitute to your heart’s desire.


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