Hello world!

Hi friends!

Now that I finally have some free time, I’ve decided to start a blog that can serve as a creative outlet and an exchange of ideas.  It will definitely be full of lots of good recipes since I come across so many that I like and would love to share with you all, but it will also include stuff about yoga, wellness, books, art, history,  projects I’m working on, thoughts on life, interesting tidbits I pick up (Did you know a fig is really an inverted flower?)…basically all “Katie” things.  

You may be wondering about the name.  I liked the idea of a state of harmony between health, food, personal environment, etc.  As I was talking to different people about what I would call my blog, I kept coming back to the word “zen”.  It calls to mind simple and wholesome, supple, natural elements, which are essential to cultivate in mind, body, and soul.  Zen, to me, means finding these elements and the divine qualities which already exist in us through meditation and self-study, though I’ve only just begun to delve into the world of meditation and all its different schools of thought.

As for saffron, I love recipes that use the spice, but more than that, I love the red-orange color and the feeling it evokes.  Do you ever feel colors?  When I see the color of saffron, it brings me warmth and groundedness, which is especially welcome during the long New England winters.  For me, it brings images of faraway cities in Spain, Turkey, and Morocco, sunny courtyards, sparkling blue fountains, Moorish art, cultures with layers upon layers of history.  Maybe I’ve just been reading too much travel writing recently.  In any case, there’s a short explanation for you.  

I’d love any feedback, suggestions, ideas, or your own recipes that you’d like to add.  Any discussion is much appreciated 🙂 look forward to hearing from you!


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